Dental emergency

No one wants a toothache, but it happens sometimes. When you’re in need of emergency dental care, you can count on Pearl Dental Centre to deliver quality dental care to address your needs promptly with compassionate care and attention. In any dental emergency, the sooner you seek treatment, the better. It’s even possible to save a tooth that has been knocked out if you obtain treatment within an hour.

If you need emergency dental treatment, contact Pearl Dental Centre as soon as possible to get an appointment. We will do our very best to accommodate you and get you the prompt treatment necessary to address your concerns and help you feel better.

Common Dental Emergencies

  • Serious Toothache or tooth pain? We can help relieve the pain.
  • Tooth Filling fall out or break? We can fix that for you.
  • Crown, Veneer, Lumineer, Bridge or Implant crack, break or fall off? We can fix it.
  • We can also help with wisdom teeth and root canals!