We recognize the importance of protecting your child’s teeth. Aside from proper dental care, we also believe that in certain situations you need to provide physical protection to your teeth such as mouthguards. Kids are known to be full of energy, so when it comes to sports they are active beings.

Mouthguards are designed to protect teeth from damage or excessive wear. Most often mouthguards are used by athletes during sporting events or contact sports, but can also provide beneficial effects for those with braces or dental bridges. Here at Pearl Dental Centre we will customize a mouthguard to perfectly fit your child’s smile and protect their teeth. The dentist will also educate regarding the maintanence that comes with owning a mouthguard. How to store your mouthguard to prevent damage or how to wash it after use will be discussed by the dentist.

At Pearl Dental Centre, we offer various mouthguard options that will suit your lifestyle and also your budget. Contact us if you have any questions pertaining mouthguards or if you’re interested in having one specially fitted for you! One of our friendly team members will be gladly to assist you.