"I would like to thank the staff at Pearl Dental Centre for taking such special care of my daughter and being so informative with me as to her treatment needs. As a result, I am very glad she has found someone she can trust to address any of her oral health issues. Thank you again."

-Jan Walker

"I just wanted to say thank you. It was a pleasurable visit to your office last week for my cleaning. And it was so refreshing to have been treated kindly by you good-hearted people."

- Arthur Tremblay

"Having a tooth removed at Pearl Dental Centre was simple and painless. I was a little anxious when I arrived but then they suggested sedating me so I would be calm and relaxed - ensuring a satisfying dental experience. Many thanks!"

- Bill Gagnon

"My husband and I took our son and daughter to Pearl Dental Centre last week for their check-up and cleaning. The kids were happy to hear they didn't have any cavities and were doing a fantastic job of brushing their teeth at home - is what Dr. Mahajan had told us. He was also funny, and made the children laugh. I think it's safe to say that both Hiran and Ena won't be giving us problems when it comes to dental visits. "

- Sodhi Family

"I finally found my dentist. Thank you for completing my smile by giving me a partial denture. Now I have something I can be proud to show off and I don't have to cover my mouth when I laugh anymore. Thank you Dr. Arora. "

- Janice Marquering