Dental Sedation

We understand that fear of the dentist is extraordinarily common. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with another dentist or a particular treatment in the past. Whatever your reason is, we want to make your visit to our dentistry a comfortable one. We offer dental sedation to help ease any worries you may have and also provide additional comfort to see you through your treatment. Don’t let dental anxiety prevent you from receiving the care you need. Here at Pearl Dental Centre we have a number of dental sedation options to help you overcome your fears and discomfort and calmly achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve always desired.

Our approach to keeping our patients comfortable and calm includes: nitrous oxide and oral medication. These methods are designed to keep you in a relaxed state of mind prior to undergoing a dental treatment. If you’re feeling concerned, give us a call and one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members will be happy to discuss your concerns, or answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry offers anxious dental patients a way to reduce stress and achieve a more comfortable treatment. Sometimes referred to as “sleep” dentistry, these techniques can help patients who:

  • Are nervous at the thought of needles and dental treatment overall
  • Are uncomfortable with the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells associated with a dental office
  • Have sensitive teeth and gums
  • Have difficulty getting numb
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex

Are anxious about having dental conditions that may require an extensive treatment process

Sedation dentistry can also be very beneficial for patients who are having multiple treatments performed in combination, such as that with smile makeovers or full mouth restorations.